Shadow Scalloped Frame Tutorial

Tutorial by Storme Designs.


I came across this technique, when I was making a small quilt square.  I thought

I would put it online for you to try.  I haven't had time to play with it further and try

different sizes etc.  I'm sure someone probably has and has a tute, but I

haven't seen one yet. The frame at the top of the page is just one example.


You will need only Paint Shop Pro, a graphic and

the Redfield Jama Filter.  The Jama filter is freeware and you can

download it at the site.

This tutorial assumes you have some knowledge of PSP.

It was created in Paint Shop 7.


Please save your graphic often as you work in case your

computer shuts down for any reason.


Choose your graphic, then hit you shift and D key together to make

a duplicate of your picture and close your original.  This keeps your

original unaltered for future use.  You could also copy and paste

 as a new image.


You can size the picture to the size of your choice.  When

I first tried this, I was using a 130 by 130 graphic, and it came good

as below.

I tried it one a large image and the effect was not that good.

Another problem is the size of your border.  The effect seems to work

best on a thin border.  Therefore I suggest using a smaller graphic.

The one at the top was about 350 x 330.  I suggest opening one

and resizing it to 300 x 300 or close to that.

Choose a color from your picture for your border or what you like.

Next we are going to click on Image and Add Borders. 

I chose size 6 for the frame at the top.  with a matching pink color.

Next select your border with your magic wand.


Now go to Effects, Plug-ins and choose Jama 3d.  Click

on the bottom box, where it says Last used on the graphic

below and select Tesselation and click on the Apply button.

Your border will now look like the one below.

You Can leave the border colors as is or change the lighter rear border

color to a lighter matching color to your border.  If you want to

change it, you click on your magic wand again and select part of the

lighter border.  Hold down your shift key and select each outer

triangle.  If you select a part of your graphic by mistake, just go to

edit, undo and undo and re-select.  Flood fill your selections, when

done with the lighter color of your choice.  If there is an extra

line in the corner of your border, you can erase it or paint over

it with your border color.

With your graphic still selected, go to Effects, 3D

and select Drop Shadow.  My settings are below.

Vertical and Horizontal at 4, opacity at 76 and Blue 8.5.

You can use a black shadow or change the color to a darker

shade of your original border color.  I think the matching color

looks better.

Now select your Drop Shadow again

The opacity and blur remain the same, but your vertical is now 0

and your horizontal is minus 4.  You can see the edge effect or

scallop look.  If for any reason yours didn't come out as above,

play with your settings a little.

That's it!  You're done!

On the one on the top I added another border and redid

the border same as above for the double scalloped look.

I then added a final border with an inner bevel.


Below has a border added and Eye Candy's glass bevelled it.

Then used a white border and applied the Graphics Plus

Plug ins Kalaidescope effect.  I then added two more borders

and bevelled with the Eye Candy glass filter again.

I used the same Redfield Tesselation for below,

but played with the border.  A separate tutorial explaining the border

below is at Diamond Tweed Frame Tutorial

For the image below, I used another Redfield setting

and just played.


The set and graphics on this page can be copied with a link

 back to our site with the logo below,

This tutorial can be copied intact without the backgrounds with

credit to Storme Designs,


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The girl on this page was from a tutorial.  When I find the link again, I'll post it.

Copyright Storme Designs



Any resemblance to any other tutorial is coincidental.  This tutorial was created solely

by Storme Designs with out mouse and using paint shop.  

This page was redesigned on August 12, 2004.